How I Survived a Hectic Month

Hello Friends and Family!


I survived the month of March, which if you haven’t read my last blog post you would be like “uhh why does that matter”? and that’s because i willingly packed my schedule full with extra responsibilities on top of all my school work for the month of march.

Why might an already busy college student that worries about everything add more to her schedule? For fun? For laughs? Nope. I mainly did it to add items to my resume (aka Dietetic Internship application, aka only 50% of people get in so I need to add as much as possible)

So here’s a little update on all the things that went on…

  1. I had tests (102 in Biochemisty and 92 in Nutrition Genetics) also my Biochem teacher gave us two extra points for drawing a hand turkey on our exam? – I’ll take it.
  2. I started the program to become a Certified Wellness Volunteer for Texas A&M Agrilife program. I completed the certification test so now I can start volunteering!
  3. I started working for Detour protein bars, and so far so good. It’s been hard doing that on the weekends because I feel like that’s when I had free time. I had no free time this month. 
  4. Just kidding- I had a few days of free time that I spent at the beach for spring break (which was a must needed break in the middle of the month)
  5. I continued my duties as an officer of the honor society I’m in Phi Upsilon Omicron and we worked on our Professional Project which will help inform high school students about being a nutrition major.
  6.  I wrote a research paper on breastfeedings effects on breast cancer and me and my partner turned it in today- which was the best feeling ever.
  7. Just kidding- the best feeling ever was today when I got home and LAID IN BED. In the middle of the day. It was glorious. I watched TV, read #GirlBoss, and took a nap.

So now that’s it’s over I wanted to share a few tips I have for getting through a tough month:

  1. Keep a planner! My planner has been so supportive of me this month. I can’t thank it enough.

    Not even completely filled out..
  2. Make sure to have food and snacks! I didn’t exactly meal prep all my food but I tried to make sure to always have food cooked to take with me to the library and lots of healthy snacks (protein bars, string cheese, yogurts, and fruit) to keep handy in my backpack or purse.
  3. Prioritize and work smart. These past two weeks have been the most hectic so I tried to make sure I knew what was most important and get that done first.                                 School work>Gym>watching tv/scrolling social media
  4. Try to stay calm? Easier said then done I know. I can proudly say I stayed pretty calm the whole month besides last week when I couldn’t register for the rest of the classes I have left until graduation. On top of that all the stress was causing me to miss my mom a lot. I know she would have told me “not to stress” and “not to work too hard” so the class registration issues + missing my mom lead to a small meltdown. But after freaking out, the next day I put on the Sons of Anarchy shirt my mom gave me, took a Lifespan Nutrition test (which I think I did good on), and was finally able to register, so in the end it worked out but having something out of my control like that happen wasn’t fun.
  5. Enjoy the busy times. I choose to have a busy month so I tried my best not to complain and tried to enjoy it and I did enjoy it, but I’m happy it’s over. 


So there you go, a little update on my life and a few simple tricks to get through a stressful time.





What I Eat In a Day



It was National RD Day yesterday and I decided to photograph all my meals throughout the day to share of the reasons I want to become a Registered Dietitian. That reason is because I want to show people that eating healthy doesn’t have to suck.

Most people think that in order to loose weight they have to eat clean, cut carbs, or cut fats. Technically none of that matters. What does matter is that to loose weight you are eating in a calorie deficit. Which means your taking in less calories then your body burns in a day. What you fill your calories with technically doesn’t matter, but I can pretty much guarantee that if you eat like shit your going to feel like shit.

I love to fuel my body with healthy whole foods, such as lean chicken and turkey, eggs, potatoes and vegetables along with a ton of other food items. For me I have to have variety in my diet or else i’ll get bored and that leads to binge eating.

I have had tons of ups and downs since I started becoming healthier a few years ago and I finally found what works for me and that’s eating a flexible diet. The majority of my food is “clean” whole foods with treats thrown in when I want them.

So I wanted to share a little detail about what I ate this day.

  1. Protein pancakes with PEScience snickerdoodle, kodiak cakes mix, coconut flour and blueberries. Topped with Walden Farm’s syrup and strawberries.
  2. Broccoli slaw “stir fry” aka cooked broccoli slaw with Bragg’s liquid amino’s and sriracha with cooked chicken and a runny egg on top (because I LOVE runny eggs).
  3. A Dannon light and fit strawberry cheesecake yogurt, this was my first time trying it and it was GOOD. I love that you get to add in the graham crackers and white chocolate chunks.
  4. A chocolate chip caramel Detour bars, these are great for only 13 carbs (2 sugar) 2.5 fat and 10 protein
  5. Not pictured: A clementine and a small salad with romaine lettuce, Bolthouse farms caesar salad dressing and a serving of croutons.
  6. Spaghetti squash pasta, with lean ground turkey and low sodium tomato sauce, topped with parmesan.
  7. Dessert: A Nutrigrain low fat waffle, Artic Zero brownie blast ice cream with fat free reddi whip. (Only a 160 calorie dessert that satisfied my nightly sweet tooth)

I hope you got some ideas for food to try! If you want any recipes let me know!

Remember eating is supposed to be fun, even if your on a “diet” find foods you like that work with it and if you have any questions about flexible dieting feel free to ask me!


What Podcasts I’m loving


This year something I have discovered are PODCASTS. I had previously heard of podcasts but never knew much about them. So what are podcasts?

Podcasts are essentially a radio show, usually 30min-1 hour where either a host talks to through a microphone or talks with a guests usually like an interview. I listen to mine through the Podcast App for Apple. The cool things about podcasts is they’re FREE and there’s multiple podcasts for every interest.

What podcasts do I love?

Marissa Lace is the person who got me to start listening to podcasts (she’s starting a podcast soon- so excited for that) she told viewers she started listening to them in the car instead of music on the radio. She told us about the first podcast i’m loving:

  1. Straight up with Stassi


This podcast is hosted by Stassi Schroeder, the ex-star of a Bravo reality show, Vanderpump Rules which I love! Stassi’s podcast is usually an hour long where she has a guest on and they talk fashion, pop culture, and reality tv (which I love). I have to admit I didn’t love Stassi on Vanderpump Rules, but I love her on her podcast where she’s able to be herself. She’s funny and usually has comedians on as her guests.



2. The Wellness Wonderland 

wellness This podcast is by Katie Dalebout, a woman who in the past struggled with body image and now tries to help other people understand to love your body at every stage and to be the best version of yourself. She usually has a guest on, but also does short favorites podcasts, sharing her favorite things/people/interests at the moment. I love listening to her podcast in the mornings to set myself up for a creative and minimally stressful day.


3. GirlBoss Radio

231221_300x300 Everybody and their mother has heard of the book Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso, owner of Nasty Gal (an online clothing store). I bought the book but still haven’t read it. Even though i haven’t read it, i love her podcast. It’s all about Girl Bosses. Aka women who are killing it at whatever business interest they have. It’s super motivating to hear her as well as other girlbosses stories and tips for getting stuff done and killin it.



4. Physique Science Radio 

physique science.pngThis radio show is hosted by Layne Norton, a bodybuilder who has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and who has proven to be SO knowledgable in the field of fitness and nutrition. Layne brings on other guests who are into fitness, nutrition, and entrepreneurship. I have so much respect for Layne Norton because of how knowledgable he is and I always learn something new from listening to his podcast.



I’ve only been listening to podcasts for two months, but they have quickly become my go to for getting ready in the morning, walking around campus, or driving in the car. I know there are SO many more podcasts out there but these are just a few I have come across and really enjoyed.

If you have a podcast you love let me know so I can check it out!


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Getting Busy

With school this semester it’s already been pretty busy and it’s just going to keep getting busier. March will most likely be the busiest month i’ve had in a while, i’m a little nervous but also excited. I wanted to let you in on what’s gonna be going on with me this next month.

Last semester was my first semester at school since my mom passed away and I took 18 hours of classes. It was a crazy semester, so this semester when I only enrolled in 13 hours I felt like it was a good time for me to pile some extras onto my plate.

With graduation fast approaching it also means applying to a Dietetic internship is approaching even faster. Two things constantly get stressed about being a good candidate for an internship, GPA and voulenteer/work experience. Incase your unaware a Dietetic internship is required to become a Registered Dietitian and the match (acceptance) rate is only 50%. Because of that I want to do everything possible to make myself stand out on my application. So i decided to take on some extra responsibilities…

I got a job working with Detour Bars, a protein bar company. Starting in March i’ll be working 2-3 days a week holding demos at different HEB’s in Austin. I think it’ll be a good opportunity and learning experience. I’ll get to talk to people about the bars as well as nutrition and there’s room for growth within the company, possibly going to fitness expos in the future (maybe Register Dietitian for the company someday?).

I recently became the publicist for my honor society, Phi Upsilon Omicron. This means i’m sending out emails, updating the websites, and more. The main project we do every year is called our Professional Project, where we choose a cause and use our knowledge of family and consumer sciences to help within the cause. This year we’re going to teach high school students about the nutrition program at Texas State and inform them on what they’ll learn and the types of jobs they can get upon graduation. This is due at the end of March, so we’ll be having weekly meetings to work on our presentation.

During March i’ll also be starting and finishing a 10 page partner research paper on breastfeeding and it’s correlation with cancer. Me and my partner might have been crazy to choose the topic of cancer because trying to understand the research has already proven to be difficult, but I think once it’s done we will have learned a lot from it.

So if i wasn’t already crazy for deciding to take on the above tasks, I decided to enroll in a program through A&M AgriLife to become a Certified Master Wellness Voulenteer. This means i’ll be completing 40 hours of instruction on how to become said master, take an exam then receive my certification. Once i’m certified I can start volunteering through the program. I think this is such a cool opportunity to do a lot of voulenteer work and it’ll look great on my application/resume.

Like always during all this madness i’ll be keeping up with normal school stuff (tests, quizzes, homework) and working out 5x a week finishing the Katy Hearn Winter Challenge.

Luckily during March I will have a small escape to spring break in Port Aransas with a bunch of friends, then at the end of this crazy month we get to go into April, aka my birthday month.

So even though i’m nervous about taking all of this on, i’m excited to stay busy and get it done.



Making Resolutions


So it’s the 19th of January and i’m finally deciding to write down some New Years resolutions. When January 1st came around I wasn’t really planning on making resolutions. Though as January has progressed I have thought of a few things I would like to focus on improving this year.

I have been super inspired by a You tuber, Marissa Lace, she has recently been making a video series called the “Year of You” which focuses on making this year about you, finding out who you are, and making yourself happy.

I love what she’s inspiring people to do and after the struggles i’ve gone though in 2015 I think making 2016 the year of me is a great idea. I want to make this the year i feel genuinely and consistently happy. Except New Years resolutions don’t matter unless you include a plan to make them possible.

So how do I plan on doing making myself happy? First of all is to stop binge drinking, I know i’m my happiest when i’m eating right and getting my workouts in so thats what i’m going to keep doing. I also think focusing on me is going to make me happy. I plan to take time for myself, to read, to go to yoga, to meditate, and to write.

I have already bought a bunch of new motivational books to read, and the reason I started this blog was to encourage me to write more. I haven’t started back with yoga yet but I plan to soon, and I have never meditated but I downloaded a guided meditation app and also plan to try that out soon!

I hope your having a great 2016 so far and if you’ve made resolutions make sure to plan out what you can do to stick to them!


Katy Hearn Challenge


I’m super excited to be doing the Katy Hearn winter challenge starting next Monday, January 19,2016. Last semester I did my first Katy Hearn challenge and loved it! I have been following Katy since I started lifting weights and have been constantly motivated by her. If your into fitness and need some motivation you should check her out her Instagram is @katyhearnfit. She’s a personal trainer that has transformed her body into the ‘goal body’ for thousands of girls.

The challenge includes an eight week workout plan with different workouts to do five days a week and a nutrition guide. For the challenge most people utilize IIFYM. IIFYM stands for “if it fits your macros” which pretty much means you can eat what you want as long as you stay within your macronutrient goals for the day. I have been following an IIFYM diet on and off for the past year or so. The majority of the day I eat whole “clean” foods but also allow myself to fit in other foods when i want them.

I did really well last challenge with completing the workouts and sticking to my macros but i felt like i could have pushed myself more which is what i want to do this time around. The picture below is my final side progress picture. As you can see I leaned out quite a bit and I can honestly say I was happy during the challenge which was something i was struggling with beforehand.


My goals last challenge were to squat and deadlift 135 lbs, drink a gallon of water a day, to keep alcohol to a minimum, no cheating on my macros, plan my meals, hit my macros, keep up with school and to push myself.

I would say i met most of those goals. I only binge drank once or twice, i met the squat PR of 135 but not the deadlift one, and i met my macros and drank my gallon pretty consistently. Again i just think i could have pushed myself more during the workouts.

This time around my goals are about the same as last time. I would like to keep improving on my squat and go up in weight and improve on depth. I want to meet my goal of 135 for deadlifts. I also want to stress less for my cheat meals. Last challenge one thing I focused on was not binge eating during my cheats. I didn’t binge eat but I did stress ALOT about what i wanted to eat and I always wanted my cheat meal to be perfect.

I’ve been working on dealing with my anxiety so hopefully that will help keep the stressing about food to a minimum.

For this challenge I’m excited to be doing it along with my roommate, step sister, and good friend. Last challenge me and my roommate did it together and I was so thankful to have her because I think it really helped keep me accountable and motivated.This time doing it with more people should help even more and all of us are going on spring break to the beach together right after the challenge ends so it will be nice to get in shape for that. I’m also planning on being more active in the challenge FB page and on Instagram to help keep myself motivated and motivate others.

I have fallen off track since the last challenge with the holidays and drinking with friends so i’m excited to finally get back on track.

The struggle is real

My intention for making this post is to hopefully help somebody who is dealing with the same things i am.

Something i’ve struggled with since i started my fitness journey is alcohol. I started drinking when i was 14 and ever since my love for alcohol unfortunately hasn’t dwindled. I remember i saw somebody in the fitness industry say, “if your passionate about fitness then you’ll be able to let go of alcohol” and as much as i wish that was true it hasn’t been the case for me.

During the week when i’m in school i don’t have a problem, it’s just sometime on the weekends and during school breaks. I’m not sure why I love drinking. It has tons of calories, a depressant, and leaves you feeling like shit in the mornings.

I have also struggled with anxiety and depression on and off over the years and I think that’s why i often turn to alcohol to relax me. I enjoy being able to have a drink and relax after a stressful day or to just unwind with friends. I think moderate drinking is fine and I wish I could just have one drink and be done, but thats where my problem is. I can’t have just one drink, once i start, the majority of the time i don’t want to stop.

I’m constantly dealing with my anxiety and working on drinking less but it’s definitely a work in progress and i’m ok with that.

I’m sure i’ll touch on this topic in a later post, but this is just a little info about what i’ve been dealing with.

I’d love for anybody dealing with the same thing to reach out to me!

My email is